English Literature

Exam Board: AQA

Paper 1: Written exam (3 hours)—‘Love Through the Ages’—Don’t be deceived by the title as this course enables you to study a wide range of famous texts and writers that have made English Literature the finest in the world. From Shakespeare to the writers of today, you will be analysing works that present every aspect of love; from the heights of romance and passion to the depths of murder and despair.

Paper 2: Written exam (2 hours 30 minutes)—‘Modern Times’—Literature from 1945 to the present day. You will study three texts; one prose, one poetry and one drama. There is something for everybody in this part of the course!

Coursework: One essay (2,500 words) comparing two texts.

This course will allow you to study a huge range of texts and select areas that actually interest you. This subject is still viewed as one of the major A-Level by all universities. It can lead to a wide range of future career options—you don’t have to become an English teacher just because we did!


80% examination / 20% coursework

Where can it lead?