Design and Technology (GCSE)

Exam Board: AQA

Our GCSE allows you to study core technical and designing and making principles, including a broad range of design processes, materials techniques and equipment. 

Design and Technology skills are integrated into the following core topics:


Written exam: 50% of the final GCSE grade. A two-hour exam worth 100 marks. The exam is broken down into three sections these are outlined below:

Section A: Core technical principles (20 marks)
Multiple-choice and short answer questions assess broad technical knowledge and understanding.

Section B: Specialist technical principles (30 marks)
Several short answer questions (2–5 marks) and one extended response to assess a more in depth knowledge of technical principles.

Section C: Designing and making principles (50 marks)
Short and extended response questions, includes a 12-mark design question.

Controlled assessment (coursework): 50% of the final GCSE grade. Non-exam assessment approximately 30–35 hours. The coursework is assessed out of 100 marks.

Where can it lead?

Upon completion of this course, you will be qualified to go on to further study, or embark on an apprenticeship or full time career in the world of design and technology. It could lead to one of the following careers—a trade (plumbing, electrician, builder, landscaping etc.), architecture, a mechanic, engineering, product design and many more.

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