Performing Arts (Level 3)

Exam Board: Edexcel

Level 3 Performing Arts is a course that is designed to equip learners with the various skills needed to be a successful and all round performer. There is now an examined element to the course which focuses on the investigation of practitioners’ work with a written exam worth 25% of the total course. 

Throughout the three remaining units there is a strong emphasis on performance work where learners will explore plays, create their own production and develop their singing and ability. They will have highly toned analytical and creative skills and an ability to communicate effectively with others.


This is a 360 guided learning hour qualification and is structured as follows: 

Year 1

Unit 1: Investigating Practitioners’ Work (90 GLH)
Unit 2: Developing Skills and Techniques for Live Performance (90 GLH)

Year 2

Unit 3: Group Performance Workshop (120 GLH)
Unit 4: Optional unit dependent on cohort (60 GLH)

Where can it lead?

Studying Performing Arts at Level 3 can lead to a degree or higher education qualification in a Performing Arts related subject. If you wish to go into one of the hundreds of careers in the Performing Arts industry then this is the course that will equip you with the skills to do so.