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From September 2020, students at The Garibaldi school will have a new provision on their timetable which has previously been covered in some depth under the PSCHE curriculum.

Our Equality, Diversity and Religion provision is one for the 21st century where students will engage with current affairs and big questions to address relating to misinformation from sources such as social media and the news. Students will continually learn about ways of living, the feeling of belonging, identity and the ways that people identify as religious may express meaning.

A range of topics will be covered throughout students' journey with the school which include:

  • ‘Why do people believe in god?’
  • 'What is good and right or wrong and evil?’
  • ‘What is good and what is challenging about being a teenage believer in Britain today?

A full list of modules and lessons can be seen by following the appropriate year link on the page.

All of this will develop in students an understanding of our increasingly diverse communities and the importance of equality in 21st century Britain. The students will also develop transferrable skills such as evaluative writing, debate, team leadership skills and the confidence to present in front of their group; all of which are key skills needed to be successful in life beyond the school gates.

Our broad and exciting curriculum here at The Garibaldi School means that this provision will be dedicated the following time allocation:

  • Year 7: 1 x 50 minute lesson each week
  • Year 8 to 10: 1 x 25 minute study period each week

All topics will be delivered and studied in a controlled and professional manner. If you have any questions or concerns about the contents of these topics and modules please do not hesitate to contact Mr A Hales, ahales@garibaldischool.co.uk Lead Teacher of Equality, Diversity and Religion, to discuss the matter.

Equality, Diversity & Religion

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