Year 13 HT5 Overview and Revision guidance

This page contains links to the subject specific overviews for Half Term 5 for all A-Level and Level 3 courses. The overviews are in the form of a one-page PDF than can be viewed on-line or printed. These set out clearly, week by week, what subject content/topics will be reviewed and consolidated and importantly what evidence gathering opportunities there will be. The overviews will ensure students know which aspects of course content to direct preparation time to in advance of and during Half Term 5. It will also make clear the form and extent of evidence gathering opportunities in terms of types of questions, sections from exam paper etc. Where students miss evidence gathering opportunities, provision has been made towards the end of Half Term 5 for catch up so as not to disadvantage individuals. Please note that as previously indicated there will be no formal mock exams in Half Term 5 and evidence gathering opportunities will all take place in normal timetabled lessons.

Set out below the subject specific overview for Half Term 5 is a section giving revision guidance. This will include a range of resources which may include; PDF copies of revision materials for viewing online and or printing for example knowledge organisers, reference to materials uploaded to Microsoft Teams, links to other third-party websites useful for revision i.e. Seneca Learning, BBC Bitesize etc., and suggestions for how to use work in exercise books/folders to prepare revision materials such as flash cards.

These materials can be used during and after the Easter break alongside the provision in lessons to support preparation for evidence gathering opportunities.

Please note students will not be provided with grade feedback on their evidence gathering opportunities in line with Ofqual guidance. However, students will receive diagnostic feedback to support further development.

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