GCSE Design and Technology

Half Term Overview

Revision Guidance

Coursework –

  • Students should be able to access the File aspect of their DT group Teams page. This will provide all of the supporting power points, sheets, templates and step-by-step guides to completing the development section.
  • GCSE Pod – This can be used to further support and understand each aspect of their coursework, by typing in the topic into the search bar e.g. Quality Control – The video will provide an explanation to better understand the topics. Using this alongside step-by-step guides should enable them to complete any outstanding areas.

Exam –

  • Again GCSE pod is a useful resource to look through some of the key areas, to gain that extra knowledge and understanding. Students could tackle the areas of underperformance from their RAG tracking sheet in the front of their coursework folder.

Key areas of focus to look up:

  • The work of key designers; William Morris, Norman Foster.
  • Effective analysis of products; Function, Aesthetics, Ergonomic, Anthropometrics, materials, Audience.
  • Scales of production; one-off, batch, mass production.
  • How materials are manufactures; Timber, Plastics, Metals, from their source to stock form.
  • Orthographic drawing, isometric drawing and perspective drawing techniques.
  • General principles of Graphics (Printing methods, material properties and finishes), Resistant Materials (Joining materials, CAD/CAM v Traditional methods, tooling, standard components), Engineering (Mechanisms, joining materials and finishes, Forces and stresses), Electronics (inputs, process, outputs, production methods, advantages of a microcontroller)
  • The design process and the different stages.

Each of the above topics can be researched also in the revision guide which all students have been given, they will also find example questions at the base of each page.

Student workbooks, students should have their work books that cover all the work identified above, in their work books are the short quick quiz which they could review the questions and their answers. These quick quiz’s could be cut out and used as revision cards for each topic.

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