GCSE English Literature

Half Term Overview

Revision Guidance

Your teacher will have explained the specific topics, themes and characters that you will be writing about in controlled conditions after Easter. The following GCSE pods and revision tasks are linked to these specific parts of the course:

‘An Inspector Calls’ will be a character-based response

‘Love and Relationships’ Anthology poetry will be a family relationship question so revise the key poems for that theme

You will have all the necessary notes in your English Literature books and folder. You are allowed to take these home to revise from.

TEAMS - The powerpoints and lessons from during lockdown and the resources saved under your English Literature class files are mainly linked to these sections of the course. You can use any of these as a recap and revision resource.

BBC bitesize and most online revision sites (Sparknotes etc) will have sections linked to these topics. They will all be useful for consolidation of the knowledge you have.

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