Impress Online Learning 2022

Impress Online Learning 2022

From January 24th 2022 all Year 11 students will have access to a twenty week programme of after school online learning for English, Maths and Science. Each session will run for 90 minutes. In total this represents sixty hours of learning.

Impress is a well respected educational provider who have partnered with experienced and well informed Tutors, many of them subject examiners, to provide a broad programme that will support students' success in the summer exams.

  • The sessions are delivered on a Zoom based platform where students will be able to see the Tutor delivering the session but there will be no one to one interaction with students. There will however be multiple choice polls conducted to check understanding as the session progresses.
  • Set out below are a range of resources that will help ensure students get the best value out of this fantastic resource. This includes details on how the online provision works, the timetable of sessions specifying days and times, the curriculum that the programme covers and some Frequently Asked Questions to aid troubleshooting. Also set out is a link to a short video which explains how the programme will be delivered and its benefits.
  • Students have been allocated an appropriate tier of session based on their current working grades and their aspirational targets. For each subject they will be in either Group 1 (Grade 2-4), Group 2 (Grade 5-6) or Group 3 (Grade 7-9). They may be in different groups for each subject area for example a student may be in Group 1 (Grade 2-4) for English, but in Group 2 (Grade 5-6) for Maths and Science. Their grouping will have an impact on when in the week their sessions are scheduled*.
  • Students will have access to an Impress platform account which is how they access the sessions and where they can watch back any sessions already delivered or any that they miss. Usernames and passwords will be provided and records of these are held by their English, Maths and Science teachers if they need a reminder of them. The link to the online platform is set out below.
  • The school will receive attendance data based on students accessing the sessions and we will report on this to parents over the coming months. Students will sit initial multiple choice quizzes before each 5 week block of session to help demonstrate where they're making progress.

This is a really fantastic opportunity to build on the support students already received in lessons and the in school intervention we already have in place.

If you have any questions please contact the school on 01623 464220, or contact Mr Dawson ( or Mr West ( directly via email.

Link to Impress Student Login Portal

Impress Letter to Parents

Letter to Parents

Online FAQs for Parents

Online FAQs

Impress GCSE Complete Curriculum

Complete Curriculum

Impress Online Learning Timetable

Timetable of sessions

Please note the timing of sessions is dependent on the Group that the student has been put into for that subject.*

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