At the Garibaldi School achievement is at the heart of our ethos and our mission. We believe that every child should achieve; but should also expect to achieve. Whilst we strive to put in place every opportunity for students to achieve, we work hard to ensure that any and all barriers to them exploiting these opportunities are overcome. We are committed to turning aspirations into expectations for all.

We have an ambitious curriculum that has breadth and depth and which students see as challenging. Our students are eager to learn and are committed to achieving academic success. Learning is scaffolded to ensure all students can progress through the curriculum. They understand that the qualifications they achieve unlock doors to their future. We set ambitious targets for students, which if achieved ensure that they have made amazing progress when they leave us in Year 11 or Year 13.

We believe that achievement goes beyond academic qualifications. Our Personal Development curriculum is designed to ensure that students can become ‘the best person they can be’. We recognise that strength of character is as important as ability in ensuring that students achieve. Our Attitudes to Learning system is embedded and universally understood. It supports students to develop key facets such as their willingness to learn, resilience, self-motivation, determination and skills of reflection, to ensure this strength of character.

We ensure students have a breadth and depth to their experiences and understanding of the post 16 and post 18 pathways available to them. We have forged close relationships with a range of higher education settings including: The University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University and the University of Cambridge (Peterhouse College). Our annual Raising Aspirations week seeks to inspire, inform and provide a range of experiences including encounters with local and national employers, advice and guidance on apprenticeships and opportunities to speak to ex Garibaldi students about their next steps and path to success.

We work in close partnership with parents throughout their child’s five or seven year journey with us. We have a range of support services that ensure that regardless of the challenges individual students face, whether this be special educational needs or wider disadvantage, this does not become a barrier to success.

The Garibaldi School has a sustained track record of exam success and we are committed to continuous improvement in the support and opportunities we provide to students to ensure outstanding achievement for all.

For our latest examination results, please see the Exams Office page.