Welcome to the Garibaldi School
Sixth Form

Thank you for expressing an interest in The Garibaldi School Sixth Form. We are judged by Ofsted as a ‘good’ school in all areas. 
We encourage you to be proud of yourselves, the school and your community. We have high expectations of you and will continue to promote a culture of success. Everyone can succeed. 

We have developed a Sixth Form provision that is both supportive and challenging. We recognise how competitive the workplace is and we understand the skills and characteristics that young people need to compete in a global market. 
The Sixth Form is set up to enable you to develop these skills. We have a proven track record of raising aspirations which will help you to achieve your goals. 

At The Garibaldi School Sixth Form, you will be taught by experienced and successful teachers. You will study in an environment you are comfortable in, by teachers who you are familiar with. Entering the Sixth Form is part of your school journey and you will receive the same support and guidance you have become accustomed to. 

However, we also recognise that as young adults, you are ready to develop more independence and take on more responsibility. We will help you to take ownership of your learning and we prepare you for a successful adult life. Work experience and undertaking work related opportunities within school, forms an integral part of Sixth Form life. 

We hope you find this page useful and we look forward to working with you over your Sixth Form years.

James Aldred
Head Teacher

Ben West
Director of Sixth Form

Our Mission

To create a supportive and caring learning community that gives all our students the confidence and opportunity to achieve and prepare them for a successful adult life.


Additional Courses Available

Additional A-Level and Level 3 courses are available through the Nova Education Trust.

In the current educational and economic environment, we realise that there is a massive range of subjects and options available post-16.

At The Garibaldi School, we are committed to ensuring that our students have access to the widest choice of A-Levels and Level 3 courses possible.

To ensure this, we work with other schools within the Nova Education Trust. This ensures that even if we do not offer the subject you want at The Garibaldi School, or you have a timetable clash, in most cases you can still access the subjects you wish to study.

If you choose to study a subject away from The Garibaldi School, rest assured that you are still one of our students and we will ensure that you are receiving the same level of education and support as students who study all of their subjects with the school.

If you do not see the subject you are wishing to study in our prospectus, please speak to Mr West or include the subject in your choices on the Sixth Form Application Form and a member of the Sixth Form team will contact you.

Students who have accessed subjects via the Nova Education Trust often enjoy a new venue and the chance to make new friends.

A selection of subjects available:

How to apply

Use the course guide to help you decide which courses you would like to study at The Garibaldi School. Don’t worry if the course you would like to follow isn’t listed to be delivered at Garibaldi — we are able to offer additional subjects via Nova Education Trust.

Attend our annual Sixth Form Open Evening to learn more about the courses we deliver. This is a valuable opportunity — you will find out about the content of courses, the entry requirements and get an insight into how the course will be delivered and assessed. This will help you to select the courses you wish to study and allow you to make an informed choice by the closing date for applications.

Complete and submit a Sixth Form Application Form by Tuesday 7th November 2023. We will then invite you to an interview process where we will discuss your application and make you a bespoke offer regarding your place. This will be based on attainment, attitude to learning and attendance.

Help, advice and queries

The Garibaldi School Sixth Form is an excellent choice. You will benefit from small class sizes in a successful Sixth Form which will help you reach the next stage in your life post education. Students progress on to university, work or an apprenticeship; the school offers excellent support and guidance with regard to future options. If at any point you feel confused about this process or that you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact Mr B West, Director of Sixth Form. Remember, we are here to help ensure you make the right choices.

Entry requirements

To be discussed at Sixth Form application interview. We expect students to have a good Attitude to Learning score and high attendance and attainment. Offers made after interview will include specific requirements relevant to each student and all students will receive a bespoke offer letter after interview. Most subjects have an entry requirement of a Grade 6. Students must have achieved a Grade 4 in English and Maths. Applicants wishing to study Mathematics at A-Level must have achieved a Grade 7.

Online applications will be open from Tuesday 17th October 2023.
Deadline for applications Tuesday 7th November 2023.

Please contact the Sixth Form on 01623 464220 or email office@garibaldischool.co.uk for further information.