Welcome to our Sixth Form

A message from the Director of Sixth Form

We are proud of the achievement and success of students at The Garibaldi School Sixth Form.

At Sixth Form, we encourage students to be proud of themselves, the school and their community. We have high expectations of all students and will continue to promote a culture of success. We offer a wide range of academic and vocational qualifications that meet students' needs. Further information is available on our online prospectus, which you can access by clicking here.

We believe that, as with years 7-11, everyone can succeed. We have developed a Sixth Form provision that is both supportive and challenging, that develops students academically and personally. We recognise how competitive the workplace is and we understand the skills, such as effective leadership and organisational skills, and characteristics, such as resilience and self-motivation, that young people need to compete in a global market.

Our Sixth Form is set up to enable you to develop these skills. We have a proven track record of raising aspirations which will help students to achieve their goals.

At The Garibaldi School Sixth Form lessons are taught by experienced and successful teachers. Students study in an environment that they are comfortable in, by teachers who they are familiar with. Entering the sixth form is part of students' school journey and all students receive the same support and guidance that they have become accustomed to.

However, we also recognise that as young adults, students are ready to develop more independence and take on more responsibility. We help students to take ownership of their learning and we prepare them for a successful adult life. Work experience and undertaking work related opportunities within school, forms an integral part of Sixth Form life.

As the Director of Sixth Form, I am immensely proud of the diligence and determination that our Sixth Form students display. They are role models for the rest of our school. I remain in awe of their genuine care and commitment to their studies and to the school life and constantly look to celebrate their successes.

For any queries regarding the Sixth Form, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr B West
Associate School Leader: Director of Sixth Form

Miss S Hadley
Sixth Form Student Manager