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At The Garibaldi School we believe in preparing students to be successful in their adult lives. One big aspect of this is dealing with the challenges of living in a digital world and managing our workloads and responsibilities. We use a number of systems which students have access to that enable them to access and modify their work from home. We ask that as parents and carers, you familiarise yourself with these systems by watching the videos that follow below. This will help you can support independent learning when your child is working from home.

Our main systems are: - All students have access to all office software including Outlook ,Word, Powerpoint, Excel and other packages. These are all free and work using a student email and their login password set at school. All of these work inside a web browser and require no software being installed.

Onedrive - All student files are saved to Onedrive. This is cloud storage which means their files can be accessed anywhere in the world through a web browser. Any work saved at school is directly accessible from home.

MS Teams - Teams is a collaboration app that allows students to see all their subjects in one place. Staff can share lessons, resources and assignments and students can upload completed work back to the platform. This is the first place a student should come to see what work they can do, especially if they missed it for any reason.

GCSE Pod - All students have been given a login for This site has thousands of revision videos and quizzes (called Check and Challenge). It is a good place for students to search for topics they have covered recently in almost any lesson. Staff can also set assignments and questions through this site.

Video Training

Below are the four videos parents/carers should watch as part of the Home-School agreement.
MS Teams

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