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During the last week of term we celebrated year 7s accomplishments with Accelerated Reader. Our students have embraced the program with enthusiasm and the library has become their favourite place for many to visit.

We had several different competitions running throughout the year. We've had Quiz Masters for which we have kept our students updated with the class to pass the most AR quizzes throughout the year. Ultimately 7A3 won with a grand total of 531 quizzes passed! They were rewarded with a treat buffet during their AR lesson. They devoured every bit – not even a sausage roll left for the teachers!

Every week two students from each class were chosen to go on the ‘Star of the Week’ board in recognition of their efforts plus a raffle ticket added to the pot. Three names were drawn during our AR assembly on the last Friday of term and the winning students received a goody bag of sweets and chocolate.

We've also recognised our ‘Millionaire’s’ – students who have read one million or more words throughout the year. To celebrate their achievement they all received Amazon vouchers.

Year 7 students will continue to enjoy Accelerated Reader into year 8 and we look forward to developing their reading skills, creating more Millionaire’s and passing more quizzes than ever! In order to do this there is one thing they can do to help…….READ! Reading is a skill that will help students in every aspect of their life, and the best way to improve is to do it!

As Dr Seuss said... 'The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more more places you'll go'

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