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Garibaldi students visit St. Chad’s College, University of Durham

On Wednesday 15th January 24 students, accompanied by Mr West, Mr Coleman and Miss Richards, visited the University of Durham as part of the school’s involvement with The Brilliant Club Scholars Programme.

This is a programme designed to support students to develop skills and knowledge to make ambitious and successful applications to universities, if that is what they decide they want to do; the school funds this opportunity fully. Last year, The Brilliant Club worked with over 13,000 students across the UK and in an independent evaluation of the programme’s impact, UCAS found taking part made it “significantly more likely” students would progress to a highly-selective university.

The students will also work with a PhD student from the University of Nottingham to produce a 2000-word essay on Cuban history and Catholicism.

Students enjoyed scenic views of the campus, including the historic building of St. Chad’s College, which is overlooked by the picturesque Durham Cathedral. They also took part in sessions on developing academic study skills and understanding the benefits of highly-selective universities.

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