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GCSE Pod Competition

Congratulations to our winners in our GCSE Pod competition from last half term! Some lucky students took home some fantastic prizes in our draw including the latest Smart Assistant Speaker and a restaurant voucher to take the family out for a great meal.

GCSE Pod is filled with thousands of small revision pods for all subjects and exam boards. These pods are around 4-5 minutes long and can really help students understand concepts they have learned in the classroom. Every student has an account and you can even get a dedicated app in all the app stores for it. Please encourage your children to use GCSE Pod at home when they are studying to support their understanding in any of their subjects.

We will be running a second stage of the competition for the next 5 weeks where some more great prizes are up for the taking! All we ask is that students are actively using the platform by trying to watch some relevant pods each week - it is a win-win! The pods help to reinforce the learning so they do better over time and they might win a prize when the draw happens later in the term.

GCSE Pod also has great check and challenge activities as well as teacher set assignments so what are you waiting for? Keep on podding!

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