Welcome to Year 11

Welcome to the Year 11 information

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Key Contacts

Deputy Head Teacher Mr M Dawson MDawson@garibaldischool.co.uk

Director of Sixth Form: BWest@garibaldischool.co.uk

Student Services Year Manager: Mrs Jewsbury EJewsbury@garibaldischool.co.uk

Please direct all technical queries to your child’s mentor in the first instance

11JW Mrs J Walker JWalker@garibaldischool.co.uk
11KC Mr K Chatten KChatten@garibaldischool.co.uk
11SG Mrs S Hope SHope@garibaldischool.co.uk
11KH Mrs K Hudson KHudson@garibaldischool.co.uk
11MS Miss M Scott MScott@garibaldischool.co.uk
11WI Dr W Inglis WInglis@garibaldischool.co.uk
11KO Mr K Orme KOrme@garibaldischool.co.uk

Remote learning

Messages to parents


Half Term 4- six students from the year group have been recognised for the quality of the work they have produced or the positive attitude to learning they have displayed and have been added to the Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame

Name of Student: Mary Adewuyi

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by Mr Orme in Spanish:

“Mary has been preparing well for all aspects of her Spanish and continues to excel in lessons. She is diligent and engaged at all times”

Name of Student: Charlee Barlow

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by Mr West in English Literature

“Charlee has been working his socks of lately to revise for his upcoming exams. He makes the most of the Impress tuition, contributes in lessons, has attended all Easter revision sessions and practices essay planning at home. Keep it up Charlee!"

Name of Student: Neamh Byrne

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by Mr West in English Language

“Neamh's language analysis has been consistently perceptive and insightful this half-term and she continues to develop original interpretations of the texts that we read and work on in class. Well done Neamh!"

Name of Student: Neve Flinton

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by Mr Wright in Business and Enterprise

“Neve has given her 100% this half-term in Enterprise and continues to be an outstanding student. Keep it up Neve!"

Name of Student: Cory Mays

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by Mrs Walker in Maths

“Cory has an amazing attitude in maths and really tries every single question, even when he had after-school intervention with me he worked solidly through."

Name of Student: Oskar Nowak

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by Miss Reinspach for English Literature

"Oskar's essays just keep going from strength to strength. The two most recent ones were grade 8! He works incredibly hard, has a brilliant attendance record and is always willing to share his ideas with the rest of the class."