Welcome to Year 8

Welcome to the Year 8 information and guidance

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Key Contacts

Achievement Lead: Mr Dench-Smith – KDench-smith@garibaldischool.co.uk

Student Services Year Manager: Miss A Allison - AAllison@garibaldischool.co.uk

Year 8 Mentors

8LR Miss L Richards LRichards@garibaldischool.co.uk
8CR Mrs C Ratcliffe CRatcliffe@garibaldischool.co.uk
8DG Mr D Gray DGray@garibaldischool.co.uk
8ML Dr M Levitt MLevitt@garibaldischool.co.uk
8AJB Mr A Brimelow ABrimelow@garibaldischool.co.uk
8CM Miss C Mitchell CMitchell@garibaldischool.co.uk
8EW Miss E Watts EWatts@garibaldischool.co.uk

Remote learning

Messages to Parents

We are quickly approaching the end of half term 1 in the new academic year and I wanted to convey how proud I am of the vast majority of students in the year group. Students have returned with a real eagerness to learn and the majority of lessons I have visited, students have been proud of their work, engaged in the lesson, and most importantly seem to be enjoying school. There will of course always be bumps in the road but we will continue to ensure that all students have access to a high quality curriculum which not only will support their school work but also support life beyond The Garibaldi School.

The Star of the Lesson strategy implemented in half term 6 proved to be very successful with positive changes to Attitudes to Learning and attainment across the cohort. We will look to modify the strategy over the coming weeks to further boost ATL and attainment to ensure our students achieve their very best potential and 'Be The Example' to all of the students at The Garibaldi School.


Half Term 1 - six students from the year group have been recognised for the quality of the work they have produced or the positive attitude to learning they have displayed and have been added to the Hall of Fame for half term 1.

Hall of Fame

Name of Student: Jess Hurst Taylor

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by department – English Mr West

Jess is one of the most enthusiastic students I have in English; she is keen to answer questions, gives each task 100% and her willingness to learn is unrivalled. Well done Jess and keep it up!

Name of Student: Ellie Gibbs-Palmer

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by department Mr Orme Spanish

She has demonstrated an outstanding attitude to learning in Spanish. She is always completely focussed in lessons, tries her best in all activities and supports others. She is self-motivated and able to reflect on her work and make improvements

Name of Student: Jack Kerley

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by department Miss Mitchell Art

Jack always puts his absolute best effort into art lessons and approaches every lesson with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, it’s always great to see him proud of his work.

Name of Student: Nathan Tait

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by department Miss Etches Drama

- For an outstanding piece of Drama research and great self-motivation in practical work. Well done Nathan, keep up the great work

Name of Student: Ruby Kirk

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by department Miss Hutchinson Science

for demonstrating magnificent effort, positivity and team work. It is wonderful to see her confidence develop as she realises that she is a top Scientist!

Name of Student: Declan Bullivant

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by department Miss Richards English

For his amazing drama and script writing skills. He maturely wrote a piece as if he was Bruno from The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, and then performed not breaking character. He consistently shows willingness to learn in lessons and has made a great start to year 8!

Accelerated reader support

All students in year 8 will continue to use the Accelerated Reader (AR) program during 2021/2022. Click on the links below for the Parent Guide and Home connect login.

Please contact Ms Moorley - KMoorley@garibaldischool.co.uk if you require any further information relating to Accelerated Reader.