Welcome to Year 10

Welcome to the Year 10 information

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Key Contacts

Achievement Lead: Mr A Hales – AHales@garibaldischool.co.uk

Student Services Year Manager: Mrs E Jewsbury – EJewsbury@garibaldischool.co.uk

Please direct all technical queries to your child’s mentor in the first instance

Year 10 Mentors

10LE Miss L Etches LEtches@garibaldischool.co.uk
10DM Mr D Mogg DMogg@garibaldischool.co.uk
10KL Mrs K Lever KLever@garibaldischool.co.uk
10WR Mr W Rae WRae@garibaldischool.co.uk
10GS Miss G Smedley GSmedley@garibaldischool.co.uk
10MB Mr M Ball MBall@garibaldischool.co.uk
10BH Miss B Hough BHough@garibaldischool.co.uk

Remote learning

Messages to Parents


Half Term 2 - six students from the year group have been recognised for the quality of the work they have produced or the positive attitude to learning they have displayed and have been added to the Hall of Fame for half term 2.

Hall of Fame

Name of Student: Sam Calladine

Reason for recognition:

For using exceptional vocabulary in his writing and making great contributions to my lessons. Well done Sam!

Name of Student: Keenan Dixon

Reason for recognition:

For working tremendously in lesson, being a hard worker and showing brilliant ATL. Homework is always handed in early/on time as well. Well done Keenan!

Name of Student: Millie Harpham

Reason for recognition:

For outstanding progress and consistently strong contributions to class discussions. Well done Millie!

Name of Student: Katie Harrison

Reason for recognition:

For absolutely outstanding conduct in lessons for both written and practical work. Katie takes on every challenge with a smile and works hard to aim high, achieve well and support others whilst doing so. Keep up the great work Katie, you’re doing amazing!

Name of Student: Emily Severn

Reason for recognition:

Always engages with all activities in Spanish, has an excellent work ethic and is diligent with her revision. She is making amazing progress as a result of her hard work. Well done Emily!

Name of Student: Riley O'Callaghan

Reason for recognition:

For making a great start to GCSE History this year! Riley is enthusiastic and always willing to contribute to our discussions on medieval medicine. Well done Riley!