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Welcome to the Year 10 information

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Key Contacts

Achievement Lead: Mr B West – BWest@garibaldischool.co.uk

Student Services Year Manager: Mrs E Jewsbury – EJewsbury@garibaldischool.co.uk

Please direct all technical queries to your child’s mentor in the first instance

Year 10 Mentors

10KO Mr K Orme KOrme@garibaldischool.co.uk
10SC Mr S Chapman SChapman@garibaldischool.co.uk
10FG Miss F Gibbs FGibbs@garibaldischool.co.uk
10RB Miss R Biggs RBiggs@garibaldischool.co.uk
10LR Mrs L Robinson LRobinson@garibaldischool.co.uk
10HP Ms H Pilmore HPilmore@garibaldischool.co.uk
10VT Mrs V Taylor VTaylor@garibaldischool.co.uk

Remote learning - timings of the day

Messages to Parents

25th August 2020

As the Achievement Lead for Year 10, it is my role to ensure that all students in Year 10 succeed to the best of their ability and are best set up to take their first steps as citizens in the wider world outside of Garibaldi. I know that, during the last six months, learning and school has felt very different for students and parents, but I am hopeful that students will embrace the opportunities they are provided with as part of their return to school and enjoy fitting back into life at Garibaldi (as much as we are as staff!). I will be catching up with students over the coming weeks to address any concerns that they may have and ensure that they have a positive start back to their studies, as they enter their penultimate year of their 11-year journey.

Mr B West

Year 10 Achievement Lead



Week commencing 30th November 2020 the following six students from the year group have been recognised for the quality of the work they have produced or the positive attitude to learning they have displayed and have been added to the Hall of Fame for half term 2.

Hall of Fame

Name of Student:

Jade Carter

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by Mr Chatten for Computing:

“For incredible performance over time. Jade is roughly 3 levels above target! An absolutely stunning effort. Jade shows a real interest and passion for computing and it shows in the results. Keep it up!”

Name of Student:

Josh Clenaghan

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by Miss Bleasdale for English Language:

“Josh has shown an excellent Attitude to Learning this half-term. He puts so much effort into every lesson.”

Name of Student:

Neve Flinton

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by Mr West for English Language:

“Neve produces consistently amazing work in English Language and her commitment to the subject is highly commendable. She engages well with the source material and gives her all to every last bit of analysis. Keep it up Neve!”

Name of Student:

Scarlett Hood

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by Miss Garforth for English Language:

“Scarlett has been nominated for the biggest turnaround in ATL I have ever seen. Scarlett has gone from showing a complete lack of focus in lesson to being an exemplary student. Super proud!”

Name of Student:

Oskar Nowak

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by Ms Reinspach for English Literature:

“Oskar shows an absolutely amazing attitude, works hard in every single lesson and has moved up two grades in his last assessment.”

Name of Student:

Caitlin Unwin

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by Mr Haywood for Maths:

“Caitlin works quietly yet conscientiously at all times. This is reflected in her fabulous assessment scores so far - an exemplary student.”