Sixth Form Attendance Policy 2021-2022

The Garibaldi School Sixth Form Attendance Policy: 2021-2022

Attendance at Sixth Form is as vital as it is in all other year groups, and we hold all Sixth Form students to high standards of attendance. We know that Sixth Form students are role models for other year groups and that A-Level study is demanding and challenging, and as such we expect Sixth Form attendance to be at 100% for the whole year, with no unauthorised absences recorded.

If a student is absent, it is expected that:

  • Their parent/carer phones the School absence line on the School phone number (01623 464 220 – option 1) stating the reason for the absence;
  • Their parent/carer reports each consecutive day of absence using the absence line above;
  • The student e-mails the teacher of the lessons that they will miss to request the work, copying in Miss Hadley, their mentor and Mr West;
  • The student completes the work where possible. In the case of illness or inability to complete the work, the student should still e-mail to request the work and then manage their time effectively upon their return to Sixth Form to complete the work.

Please note that the School will not authorise absences for holidays for any Sixth Form students.

If a student does not have any lessons in a double period of 5 and 6 (which is at least one afternoon per week), they are not required to attend Sixth Form. We do, however, reserve the right to timetable students in for this time if we have concerns of attendance or progress.

Students should arrange routine appointments etc. during periods 5 and 6 on the afternoon/s when they are not required to attend or outside of school hours. Confirmation of appointments will be required for emergency appointments.

Any queries regarding attendance should be addressed to Main Reception on