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Year 12

Welcome to the Year 12 information and guidance page

The information here covers (click on the bullet point to take you to more detailed information):

  1. Key Contacts
  2. Information on remote learning/Microsoft Teams
  3. Messages to students
  4. Messages to parents/carers
  5. Information on completing Outstanding Attitudes to Learning (explained below)
  6. Recognition/Hall of Fame

1. Key Contacts

Director of Sixth form – Mr K Brennan

Sixth Form Administrative Manager – Miss Hadley -

Please direct all technical queries to your students’ mentor in the first instance

Sixth Form Mentors

Mr J Lane

Ms L Purdy

2. Information about remote learning

In light of the government’s decision to close schools to the majority of students for the foreseeable future we will be setting work for students to do remotely. All students have been set up with access to the Microsoft Teams app which is where they can access all work set by their teachers, get support in completing it and upload it for feedback.

Work will be set at the start of the week with the recommendation that students work to their usual school timetable to complete the tasks set by teachers.

Work set will be purposeful, specific to that class or ability group and will help teachers to gain evidence of the progress students are making during this challenging period.

The following link is to the Study Support page, this contains guidance sheets, notes and help videos on accessing work through Microsoft Teams - Study Support Page

The Garibaldi School – Year 12 programme of study

Year 12 students are all accessing three Level 3 qualifications. Each of these is timetabled in school for 4 hours of learning each week. With this in mind teachers are setting work that is the equivalent of this meaning that each student should have 12 hours’ worth of new learning to access each week. While this is our expectation, it is the minimum so we would strongly encourage students to be proactive and fill gaps in their learning that may be there or start to prepare revision resources for the work they have already completed.

Alongside the subject specific work there are also weekly PSCHE tasks to complete. These are uploaded by Mr Brennan and Miss Hadley and are in lieu of the PSCHE provision we would have provided in school. At this time of year we would have undertaken significant work on preparing students for their next steps which for the majority would have been considering University options and the UCAS process. This work should be an ongoing effort and students should be taking approximately 2 hours a week in completing tasks and accessing online webinars provided by Universities.

Remote learning is a new experience for everyone. One of the challenges is managing your time to ensure you get the right balance. Click the link below to access some time management tips including how to use the calendar function on Teams to set up your working week.

The following link is to the Study Support page, this contains guidance sheets, notes and help videos on accessing work through Microsoft Teams:

3. Messages to Students

‘Adjusting to a new normal – for now’

This isn’t the Sixth Form experience you were expecting or wanting. It isn’t the Sixth Form experience I wanted to be able to provide you with. It’s likely that in the last few weeks you may have felt concerned and upset about the impact that this ‘new normal’ will have caused you and your Sixth Form experience. It’s thrown our normal lives upside down and your studies and approach to learning has been significantly affected. And, although I’m not suggesting that school is the only thing that matters, I know that it matters a great deal to all of you. I know you want to be successful in school because you know how much bearing this has on the rest of your life. So I want to start by congratulating you all on how you have adapted and shown resilience to this ‘new normal’ and assure you that it will not last forever. I am reminded of this daily when I look at the houses on my street and see the bright rainbows in windows with positive messages – this will end and we have to prepare fully for that.

In his recent letter to you Mr Aldred talked about the fact that as the new term begins, we find ourselves still in an unprecedented situation; the future, as far as school is concerned, is unclear. What we do know is that the school will remain closed for the time being. Teachers will do their utmost to make sure that you are provided with work that is meaningful and helps you to be successful in the future, not least in the exams that you’ll be taking in just over a year’s time. It’s important to realise that, as and when school reopens, priority will be given to your year group.

Over the coming weeks, myself and Miss Hadley will be communicating closely with your teachers to follow up any concerns that they have about students struggling with work or not completing work. An important part of this will be offering support, guidance and solutions to you and your parents/carers to ensure you can work to your full potential. This support will initially be around managing your time and getting into good habits and routines. It’s important to keep a balance between work and down time so maybe planning yourself a weekly timetable as to when you are going to work is a good idea. Once it is planned make sure you stick to it and create some routine and your own ‘new normal’.

In my PSCHE sessions I constantly ask you to consider ‘What does an outstanding ATL look like in Sixth form?’ I’m constantly referring to the Attitude to Learning criteria to help you recognise how important these qualities are in making you a successful person. The current situation provides an unparalleled opportunity for everyone to demonstrate their resilience – this country and the world has not faced a more challenging situation since the Second World War. You, me and everyone else will make mistakes along the way as the situation develops and changes. But each of these is an opportunity to learn and develop. Try and embrace your own ‘new normal’ and remember, we will be back in school at some point so what you do now is important as it will still significantly affect your future.

Make the very best effort with the work that is set, respond well to feedback, ask teachers for help when you need it – believe it or not we like hearing from you! Also use this time to really think about your next steps. Your exams are only a year away and then it will be life after Garibaldi! I have uploaded a range of tasks for you to support your thinking and for many of you it will be applications for University next. Some of you may wish to consider apprenticeships or the world of work and this is fine but now is a great opportunity to really delve into potential options. Use the links I have provided on TEAMS and don’t forget that Unifrog is a great resource. If you have any questions associated with then contact a member of the sixth form team – it is always exciting to hear student’s future plans!

Until we can return to the ‘old normal’, take good care of yourselves. We will see you soon,

4. Messages to Parents

Note: Please don’t wait for the teacher/staff member to contact you/your child before reporting concerns about not having a laptop/internet. You can e-mail your child’s mentor if you cannot access Microsoft Teams and then the school can provide work in other formats.

As always, and even in these unprecedented times, we expect students to apply themselves with motivation and resilience, work should be completed to a high standard and feedback from staff should be used to improve and re-submit work, where appropriate. To ensure the continued progress and academic success, it is extremely important that they access and make a positive effort with all work set. It is much better for students to try and submit something, rather than leaving the document blank – at least this way their teachers can give some feedback and guide them on how to improve their learning.

The Sixth Form team has already done a fantastic job of helping students where necessary and they remain dedicated to supporting your child as best as they can. We meet regularly to share best practice and ensure that we proactively consider the ways in which we can support students.

Parents should contact their child’s Sixth Form Mentor if they:

  • Need advice or guidance accessing Microsoft Teams
  • Have any health and wellbeing queries regarding their child
  • Have any questions associated with next steps, UCAS, apprenticeships, entering the world of work.
  • Have any questions relating to their child’s Outstanding ATL reflection work

Your child’s mentor knows your child well and I would encourage you to contact them in the first instance, as they can then direct you to the best place for further support. Each mentor has a Microsoft Team that their mentees can use to access support and have questions answered.

We have launched the new ‘Outstanding Attitude to Learning‘ weekly assignment. The rationale behind this is to encourage students to reflect on their learning so far and make adjustments accordingly. Usually, we would have discussions with students in Study Period about how they are doing and how certain subjects are going, and they’d have assemblies targeted around specific aspects of the ATL criteria. This process is a way to replicate some of those chances for reflection and also a chance to open up any concerns that they have and/or that their mentors have.

To those students who are receiving paper copies of resources, where possible, work needs to be photographed and emailed (or scanned) to individual subject teachers or mentors to pass along (see link in Key contacts section) for feedback. All staff emails can be found here:

To reiterate the point made in Mr Aldred’s recent letter, Year 12 students will be sitting formal exams in the summer of 2021. Given the events of the last few months it would be easy for Year 12 students to lose sight of this. While we recognise the pressure and anxiety that this disruption to their education is likely to cause for students, we’re committed to working in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that they are not disadvantaged.

Thank you for your ongoing support for remote learning. The position of parents in this situation is not an enviable one, and there is no ‘manual’ as such to refer to for guidance. Please do take the opportunity to contact members of staff if you have any questions or queries; they will be more than happy to offer assistance.

5. Outstanding Attitude to Learning in Sixth Form – weekly reflection

This reflection piece of work have been created for students to complete each week. These will be set by Mentors as assignments through Teams. Mentors will check these on a rolling basis and offer feedback to students.

The Learning Logs give students an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on their efforts and identify strengths and areas for development
  • To consider and reflect on what they may need additional support with
  • To consider and reflect on their Attitude to Learning and where they have been outstanding
  • To consider and reflect on their Attitude to Learning and where they could develop and improve
  • To help them manage their time while learning remotely
  • To flag up points of discussion/follow up with mentors through email or Microsoft Teams and seek support where needed.

We’d encourage parents to engage in supporting students with the completion of these as they are a good way on checking on their engagement with work and to flag any issues that might need to be followed up with subject teachers or mentors.

6. Recognition

Week commencing Monday13th July 2020, this week's three students in the Year group recognised for their efforts with the remote learning tasks set by staff.

These students have been recognised for the quality of the work they’ve produced or the positive attitude to learning they’ve displayed.

They have been added to the Hall of Fame below:

Hall of Fame

Name of Student:

Tilly Dyer

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by by Miss Briggs: ‘Even through adversity, during these uncertain times, Tilly has shown outstanding resilience and determination to stay up to date with her work and communicate with us about her current performing arts work, thinking forward to the next academic year and showing great self-motivation in her journey to aim high and achieve the best of her ability.’

Name of Student:

Charlotte Emmerson

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by Mr Brennan: ‘for Charlotte’s positive attitude to remote learning and her great enthusiasm in her return to school.’

Name of Student:

Ashley Hammond

Reason for recognition:

Nominated by Mr Brennan: ‘for consistently submitting all her work on Teams, responding well to feedback and being engaged in lessons as well as taking advantage of the other extra-curricular opportunities offered.’

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